What Happens When the Enterprise Loosens Its Tie?
June 16, 2011, 1:15 pm
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Wireless Week (USA) – 13/06/2011

Enterprise mobility these days is anything but business as usual. IT departments are increasingly supporting smart phones and tablets. Much to the chagrin of CIOs and IT departments, business users are discovering that their personal devices can run common applications purchased at consumer-facing app stores that are even more sophisticated, yet easier to use, than the ones their company endorses. Add to that the power of moving enterprise to the cloud and you have the perfect storm for the new face of business computing. The popular catch phrase for this changing landscape is “the consumerization of the enterprise.” Jack Chawla, senior director of technology marketing of mobile business with SAP, says consumer devices and applications have the jump on existing enterprise solutions. Chawla describes an environment where consumers are looking at the $1.99 spreadsheet app they just download from the App Store and it’s actually better than the one being offered by their company. “That’s kind of a trend that’s happening in the industry. The workers generally get better technology on the consumer side than on the business side,” Chawla says, adding that it’s “becoming very challenging for the IT CIO to keep up with what their employees are doing on the consumer side.” Chawla makes a distinction between deeply integrated apps, like CRM systems and others that tackle a single task. He says it’s those simple apps that just do one thing really well that employees are downloading from the consumer app stores and then using for work (i.e. order notification, expense reports, tracking, etc.). SAP has taken notice of that trend. “We just released 19 applications, each does one task really well. If you kind of dig deeper, what we are doing is following the consumer mobile model,” he says.

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