SAP Rolls Out Wave of ‘Rapid Deployment’ Apps, September 22, 2010 (Online)

SAP is unleashing a set of “Rapid Deployment” software applications that can be rolled out in as little as 12 weeks, the company announced Wednesday. The products include a combination of software, services and content at a predefined cost, and can be run on-premise or hosted by SAP or its partners. The initial wave of Rapid Deployment applications includes modules for CRM, SRM and BCM. They are meant to support a particular business process, not replace an entire system. More Rapid Deployment offerings will be released over the next year in areas such as mobility, supply chain and manufacturing, SAP said. “Rapid Deployment solutions offer pre-configured solutions where the services are built specifically for these solutions, and include tools to help customers achieve rapid value from their investment,” said SAP spokesman Saswato Das. “On the other hand, Best Run Now packages are packages composed from SAP software applications, focusing on solving a specific customer pain or business issue paired with corresponding service offerings.” [Also seen in: San Francisco Chronicle, CIO, InfoWorld, (USA)]

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Senior Software Engineer – SAP Innovation Center Palo Alto, CA

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The SAP Innovation Center drives, promotes, and facilitates a number of high profile innovation

activities, covering a range of services from scouting, assessments and feasibility proofs, to

prototype creation, to final handover to mass-market product development.

The team is looking for talented and experienced developers who have an aptitude for quickly

learning leading-edge technologies and applying them to real world problems in the context of

Enterprise Software. Ideal candidates will have excellent problem solving and creative skills to

work in an entrepreneurial environment within a large company.


  • The Developer/Senior Developer is tasked with the creation of prototypes and the first wave of productization.
  • Prototypes help to prove (and also disprove) the feasibility of innovation ideas, can be used for effective reviews, and pave the way to efficiently productize innovation ideas.
  • The Developer/Senior Developer focuses on the realization of emerging technologies and architectures or business-driven innovations in the context of Enterprise Software.
  • The team practices a creative, highly-interactive, and Scrum based, agile innovation process and collaborates with other teams in a cross-functional setup with involvement of product developers, solution managers, community managers, user experience specialists and other domain experts.
  • The team has a track record of successfully impacting SAP’s product offering in the areas of On Demand, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Rich Client Technologies, Cloud, Virtualization, Video Sharing, Analytics, Mobile, Widgets, and other areas.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science or related field.
  • Excellent software design and development skills.
  • Passion for reading up on and experimenting with new technologies.
  • Good communication and presentation skills in order to be able to understand and also explain the core value of the developed prototype.
  • High level of attention to detail, self-motivation and agility to prevail in a challenging, continuously changing technical landscape
  • Being able to put yourself into the shoes of a user of the envisioned future product and incorporate this perspective into the development work


  • Experience in various programming languages and frameworks, web application development, and technical SAP experience desired.
  • First-hand experience as an innovator.
  • Experience working with customers, partners, and senior management.

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