SAP Aims to Empower Mobile Workforce

As more employees move from PCs and notebooks to mobile devices, SAP is looking to tap this trend by making its software device-agnostic so they can enable the mobile workforce to perform better, says an executive. SAP Asia-Pacific and Japan President Stephen Watts told ZDNet Asia in an interview Tuesday that the company is looking to “accelerate” its existing core competencies, particularly in mobile computing – a move enabled by the finalization of its Sybase acquisition. SAP’s four core business strategies look at “on-demand, on-premise, on-device and the orchestration process and management that links all three environments together,” Watts explained, noting that SAP is looking to scale up the “on-device” thrust using Sybase’s existing core strengths in mobile workflow. Watts observed that with the multiple mobile devices available today, SAP hopes to exploit this environment by developing applications that can run on any device.

SAP Labs – User Experience Designer-Mobile Technologies

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Taking the design of SAP’s Enterprise Applications to the next

level of design excellence is the core business of the SAP User Experience Group. Our mission is to provide a world-class user experience for end users of SAP business applications. The objective of this position is to work in close collaboration with product management and development to design and develop industry leading applications for mobile devices such as

BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. The user experience designer works within a team to translate business requirements into effective UI design. He/she designs the next generation user experience for SAP based on user research, human-factor principles, platform style guides, market and sales drivers, business requirements, and technical requirements. He/she identifies and drives opportunities to improve aspects of the software-development process related to the user interface, including streamlining and

automation. Along with fellow members of the User-Experience team, the user interface designer has a key role in assuring best-quality and best-practice user interface design throughout the product lifecycle. SAP is the global market leader for business software and thus contributes a considerable part of the world’s economic power grid. At SAP you get your chance to put your ideas into action with maximum impact.


  • Involvement in user research activities, including participatory design sessions.
  • Interpreting business requirements into effective UI specifications.
  • Definition, creation, production and review of user interface and usability requirements.
  • Performing and reporting on task analyses.
  • Creating conceptual design models.
  • Creating interaction models and task flows.
  • Defining information organization and screen layouts.
  • Creating and demonstrating iterative prototypes (hi and low fidelity).
  • Involvement in design validation activities and recommendations reporting.
  • Communicating effectively within UX- and product management/ development community.
  • Contributing to project planning and infrastructure initiatives



  • Graduate level training in: Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Industrial Design or

other related disciplines.

  • Strong online or electronic portfolio which demonstrates expert-level proficiency in visual and

interactive design for business and/or consumer audiences.

  • Experience in major aspects of product definition: developing user profiles, use scenarios,

task flows, prototypes, and information architecture.

  • Knowledge of current and upcoming desktop and cloud-based technologies.
  • Knowledge of major mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry



  • Experience with developing user profiles, use scenarios, task flows, prototypes and

information hierarchies.

  • Must have experience with two or more formal UI evaluation and requirements methods.
  • Design ideation/conceptualization processes, task analyses, field studies, formal UI/UE
  • Design reviews, standards and guidelines definition, and design validation testing
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and design for complex business tasks and supporting


  • Must be a solid team player with good writing, presentation and time management skills
  • Must be able to work effectively with teams to prioritize UI issues and review the results of

user research. Experience with Mobile design


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